Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Trend in Video Resumes

Do you need an advantage in today’s job market? Video may be your answer, but your video must be a professional presentation if you want serious consideration.

Until recently, options have been limited, but resume companies are starting to consider the value of video. Executive Preview is one service that is providing quality video overlay for resumes. This service allows applicants to introduce themselves in an professionally recorded video that is layered in front of their resume.

While video resumes have been given a bad rap by some critics, Executive Preview is a fresh new approach with unsurpassed quality. It is a unique tool that allows you to make a polished presentation that you will be proud to showcase. Executive Preview is unlike anything else on the market and is creating a much needed competitive advantage in today’s job market. Learn more about Executive Preview at

Monday, June 15, 2009

The new face of the Executive Resume...

In today's progressive job market, it takes more than just a resume to get hired. Companies are looking for individuals who are creative and willing to think Outside the Box.

Executive Preview is a new online resume service that truly is "Outside the Box." Unlike the traditional, poor quality video resumes, Executive Preview is a cut above.

An Executive Preview is a professionally recorded video that is placed in front of a professionally designed online resume, appearing almost in 3-D. It is incredibly captivating and a must for any Executive looking for work in today's crowded job market.

Let's face it, recruiters are much more likely to favor someone they are already familiar with. An Executive Preview allows an Executive to professionally present themselves in a brief two minute introduction, highlighting the information that will be most beneficial to a prospective employer. It also allows a recruiter to see the poise and presentation skills of an executive.
While searching for a new career can be frustrating and time consuming, an Executive Preview will provide a much needed competitive advantage that will be sure to set you apart from the crowd.

Executive Preview is offering an introductory special of $499 which includes a personal consultation, a professional video recording session at a network of studios located across the country, and a personal resume webpage that you can link to via email or other job posting boards.

If you have any questions about the Executive Preview service, visit or call 615-459-0444.

Executive Preview is a product of Straight Edge Marketing, LLC.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Executive Search Takes on Personal Twist

In today's tough job market, creativity has become the name of the game. With unemployment reaching record levels, the competition is getting fierce. Even at Executive levels, it is requiring new tactics and strategies to get noticed.

Executive Preview is a new online service that provides Executives a competitive advantage when searching for new employment.

Executive Preview utilizes i-Vo Technology to display a brief two-minute video introduction by an Executive, while standing in front of their professional resume. It gives Executives the ability to present themselves in a very personal way and highlight experience and background information that will be useful to a prospective employer. "It's the most captivating thing I have ever seen," says Dennis B., a recent user of the service.

For a recruiter, it is a great way to get familiar with a candidate and observe their poise and presentation skills prior to an interview.

Unlike the typical "video resume," Executive Preview is a high-end solution for those who understand the importance of presentation. The videos are professionally recorded in a network of studios that are located across the country.

The $499 introductory price includes a personal consultation, the video session, and a professional resume presentation that is hosted on a personal webpage that can be linked to via email or any other job board.

Executive Preview is a must for any Executive wanting to stand out from the crowd and will definitely create a competitive advantage in today's crowded job market.